About me

Hi there! My name is Michael Klement. I was born and live in the south-west of Germany since 1985. I graduated with a master’s degree in Media Informatics at the University of Ulm in 2013. Since 2014 I am working as a full-time software developer for the internal software development department at TeamViewer GmbH. I am a computer enthusiast since childhood, always keen on learning new things. I like to deal with new technologies while constantly trying to improve myself.

I am intrigued by a vast field of interests like design & layout, 3D computer graphics (modelling, texturing and animating), image editing, and writing. Overall, design and development of software is my most pursued passion. Be it coding and designing websites, writing applications, developing games or modelling software architectures, I love the freedom and challenges that come with it. Starting from a web developer background with HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL, I worked my way through managed languages like Java and C# to the more traditional programming language C++.

Aside from my enthusiasm for computer science, I am a passionate gamer playing board games, table top games, role-playing games or video games. I also enjoy playing the guitar, running or having a good time with my friends.

On this blog I want to showcase and archive my works to provide the interested reader with some information about me and my activities related to the development of software.

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