So, I will be starting off with a quote from StarCraft 2 – which I found to be quite fun once you get over the stressful starting phase on the 😉

There was not much going on here over the course of the last year for I was busy working on different kinds of things, one of them being my bachelor thesis and getting my degree. As of this month, I finished my thesis, so there will be coming more in the future as I finally got some spare time to pursue projects in my spare time.

Let the games begin!

One of those projects I wanted to pursue for a very (very very) long time is game programming. Actually, that’s what got me interested in programming in the first place. Strange thing I didn’t try it earlier, don’t you think?

Anyways, better late than never and I’ve been working on a Space Invaders-clone for the past weeks with some dear friends of mine. Now, Space Invaders does not sound too exciting, but everyone has to start by taking little steps, and those are mine.

On the other hand, this little game won’t be coded in a quick’n’dirty manner, but with a fully-blown component-based architecture backing it up (and a hell of a threaded resource manager written by Patrick Bader), so it’s not too trivial on the technical side of things. I plan on releasing the source code (it’s written in C# utilizing SlimDX, btw) when its finished, so look forward to it if you’re a programmer interested in game architectures.

As a gamer, you may also look forward to it as this game will feature some nice sprite graphics created by Daniel Kwast and Isolde Scheurer.